Aerial Yin & Relax (50hrs)

Aerial Relax, Aerial Yin, Functional Anatomy & Fascia Physiology

Aerial Yin

Aerial Yoga can appear quite acrobatic sometimes, hanging in a hammock well above the floor. But did you know there are very accessible, relaxing, and even therapeutic applications possible as well, with the Aerial Yoga hammock?

In this 50hr module, we will get ourselves familiar with the hammock, the technicalities of Aerial Yoga, and the safety in regards to the rigging and the material. Besides all that, we will discover and experience how the Aerial Yoga hammock can become the perfect partner on the road to relaxation. Learning to let go and even allow yourself to be completely carried by the hammock.

We will also explore all the ways we can use the hammock as our prop of support in the various yin yoga poses. For the hammock can be used for relaxation and support, but it can also create an extra way to stimulate the body in order to stimulate and massage the connective tissues. This way we will stimulate blood flow, circulation, and hydration in the soft tissues.

Aerial Yoga







Aerial Relax

About Stress

Nervous System

Stress in the Body

Relaxation Response

How we Move


Aerial Yin

Yin Yoga

Yin & Yang

Stretch vs. Stress




Functional Anatomy

Functional Yoga

Skeletal Segments

Myofascial Groups

Skeletal Variation


About Joints

Fascia Physiology

Fascia 101


Fascia Facts

Types of Fascia

Fascial Dysfunction

Fascia Training

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Besides the 2 weekends of studying together, you can also expect to receive some homework assignments which you will have to complete in your own time. In order to qualify for the Yoga Alliance certified certificate, you are required to attend all the hours of in-person training as well as complete all the homework assignments (within 1 month of completion of the in-person training). Experience with Aerial Yoga and/or Yin Yoga is not required.

Training days: 15-16-17 november & 29-30-01 november/december 2024

Training location: Sterrig Studio, Wolvega

Your investment: € 899

What to expect in return: 2 full weekends of in-person studying, including, snacks, coffee and thee, and an extensive goodie bag, including a beautiful and very complete manual as reference (±250 pages).

This training is Yoga Alliance certified and the hours can be logged in as CE-hours (continued education).

If you have any questions regarding the content of this training, feel free to contact me directly via For practical questions and registrations, please contact the host directly at