Functional Vinyasa Yoga (50hrs)

Vinyasa Yoga, Functional Anatomy, Breath Anatomy & Creating Flow

Functional Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Vinyasa Yoga is one of the more active styles of Yoga, in which we combine movement with the breath. The rhythm of the breath initiates the rhythm of the movements and not the other way round. During the practice we strive to use the natural breath as much as possible, that is the natural breath that originates from the diaphragm, and is also referred to as abdominal breathing. The natural breath is a smooth breath through the nose, not manipulated or forced, without sound or pauses.

From the breath, we create a series of movements that flow smoothly, one into the other. Almost as if we’re dancing through the postures. We aim for a state of  ‘sthira sukham asanam’ while we practice: firm but calm. By initiating the movements from the core of the body, we create stability, but by keeping the breath smooth and relaxed, there arises a sense of relaxation in the postures as well.

We work with the energy curve while sequencing the classes: starting gently with simple movements. Taking time to notice how the body feels at that moment and then we slowly start to increase the intensity of the movements as well as the pace of the flow. This way we can work on mobility, flexibility, and strength. The postures we practice are not the goal in and of themselves, they are but a means to an end. This allows you to determine your goal in your practice, whether that is focussed on conditioning the body, gaining mobility, or finding a sense of relaxation.

During the course of this training we approach the practice with a functional mindset: how much does your unique skeletal structure affect your ability to perform poses in a certain way and in what areas can you work on more range of motion or perhaps more strength or stability. Since Vinyasa Yoga connects the movements with the breath, we will also explore the anatomy of the breath. Finally, you will receive the tools to start creatively sequencing your classes and creating your own flows.

Vinyasa Yoga

8 Limbs of Yoga

Functional Vinyasa

Yin & Yang

Go with the Flow

Vital Energy of Breath


Functional Anatomy

Functional Yoga

Skeletal Segments

Myofascial Groups

Skeletal Variation


About Muscles

Breath Anatomy

Anatomy of Breathing

The Bones of the Breath

The Organs of the Breath

The Muscles of the Breath

Relaxing the Diaphragm

Yoga & the Breath

Teaching Flow


Energy Curve

Creating Flow

Mandala Flow

Reverse Flow

Peak Pose

Besides the 5 days of studying together, you can also expect to receive some homework assignments which you will have to complete in your own time. In order to qualify for the Yoga Alliance certified certificate, you are required to attend all the hours of in-person training as well as complete all the homework assignments (within 1 month of completion of the in-person training). Experience with (Vinyasa) Yoga is not required, but it could be a benefit.

Training days: To be determined

Training location: To be determined

Your investment: € 849

What to expect in return: 5 full days of in-person studying, an extensive goodie bag, as well as a beautiful and very complete manual as reference.

This training is Yoga Alliance certified and the hours can be logged in as CE-hours (continued education).

If you have any questions regarding this training, feel free to contact me directly via We are also more than happy to assist you in regards to comfortable accommodation within walking distance of the studio as well as other queries you might have.